A game designer and student based in St. Louis, Missouri

Primarily work in gameplay programming and design

In addition to studying game design, I also have a passion for writing stories, short or otherwise

My Video Games

Being an aspiring game designer, I've made sure to get involved with a handful of projects. These are video games I've worked on throughout my time at school that are ready to present


- A project made over the course of a semester with eight other students, Blackout is an two-player head-to-head asymmetrical horror game in which one player assumes the role of a child attempting to escape from a monster, and the other player plays as said monster trying to kill the child 

- On this project, I primarily programmed the various abilities that the monster and child use throughout the game, such as the monster's x-ray vision and the child's mirror teleportation.

- A project that taught me how to effectively work with a tight-knit team and the importance of being held accountable for my share of the work on a team creative project. It's the first project where I'd say that I went through the processes of the industry along with my team.

Link to Blackout Download

Party Crashers

- A project made over the course of a semester with an entire 15+ person team, Party Crashers is a virtual reality game in which you use a wrapping paper bat to swat at and destroy evil pinatas attempting to ruin your birthday party.

- Made for display at Bradley University's FUSE 2023 event at the Peoria Riverfront Museum

- On this project, I programmed the hyena pinata AI (movement pattern, speed, hit effects, etc.), assembled parts of the level, and applied art assets to models

- A project that taught me MANY things, from large scale project development, to working with a MUCH larger team than I'm normally used to, communicating needs with multiple other divisions of the dev team as a whole, presenting for a massive audience

Link to Party Crashers Download

^ Trailer for the game

Backfire Ballistics

- A project made over the course of an entire semester of class, in collaboration with four other students. You play as Grandpa Sheldon, an old man seeking to return to his home by getting through four levels of 2D-platforming, the main method of movement being shooting himself through the air with the recoil of his trusty shotgun!

- On this project, I programmed the various interactions the player has with different object/mechanics in game (launching through the air, being made "invincible" in the air for purposes of going through certain objects, etc.), and implemented art onto in-game assets

- A project that taught me how to concept, scope out, and develop an entire multi-level game as part of a team, as well as how to present our game in a clear and engaging way during our Concept/Alpha/Beta presentations

In-game screenshot

Shield Runner

- An introductory project I made during my first semester of study, a simple 2D-platformer where you head to the end of the level while using a shield to block instant-kill lasers

-A project that taught me the importance of narrowing my scope to an idea that I could finish within a couple months, as well as walking me through the process of playtesting for my projects and implementing feedback

My Writings

My main hobby outside of playing video games invloves reading and writing! These are just a few, so feel free to head to the "Writings" tab to see my full list